Nursing Services

Our Private Duty Nurses are trained to offer services to patients of all ages on various time-frames to restore patient’s independence with active and save lives. Our nurses are licensed practical nurses or registered nurses.
Our nurses provide services to patients that need in-home monitoring, those who require adjustments to treatment regimens often, and patients with medical conditions that require frequent assessments and care plan changes.

The services that our private duty nurses provide include but not limited to the following: Traumatic brain injury care, Diabetes Care, Medication, and insulin administration, Medication Setup, Catheterization, Wound care, Tube feedings, Tracheotomy care, Catastrophic injury care, Pulmonary injury care, Ventilator care, Spinal cord injury care, Seizure disorder care, Monitoring medical status changes of patients.

Personal Care Assisting Services (PCA)

Our Personal Care Assistant works as part of a team to help the ill, weak or elderly clients with their personal needs. We provide our clients with compassionate, considerate assistance with hygiene, exercise, medication, and communication.

Our PCAs help with patients recovering from major surgery, debilitating illness, or possesses mental or physical disabilities. PCA help with laundry, cleaning clients’ bed linens and clothes as well as replacing dirty ones with clean clothes. Bathing and dressing are usually part of the PCA job duties as well.

Some other services provided by our PCA includes; physical therapy-type help for bedridden or wheelchair-bound patients, assisting clients with walking or stretching exercise, and many much more.

Homemaking Services

Global Home Health Care, Inc. has Homemaking services for our home care clients. Sometimes referred to as housekeepers, Homemakers can provide more personal and home care than family and friends can provide at times.

Our Homemakers may work with a client after discharge from a hospital or on a long-term basis. Homemakers provide general housekeeping and work to keep the home environment clean & healthy.

These services include; Vacuuming, Dusting, Mopping floors, Laundry, Changing bed linens, Meal planning in accordance with dietary needs, Food shopping, Cooking, and Client Errands.

Companion Services

At Global Home Health Care, Inc., our Companions are friends that come to spend some quality time with you. Whether you want to watch movies, play games, or engage in stimulating conversations.

Our companion ensures that you feel socially and actively connected to others on a day-to-day basis. To us, mental and spiritual sharpness is just as important as your physical health.

Unique Services

Travel Companion:
This service includes full-service door to door assisted travel; supervised by a Skilled Nurse. The Nurse or PCA will accompany you when you travel via air, land or sea.

Excursion Assistant:
This service includes assistance during family fun events, client get-away trips or assistance during doctor visits etc. Rest assured that your loved ones will receive the same great service and quality of care that Global Home Health Care, Inc., provides our clients inside the home. The use of a PCA or Skilled Nurse is dependent upon the level of medical attention needed during the client’s visit outside the house.

Personal Concierge:
With a personalized concierge plan for recovery, we will be there to provide assistance with errand running, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, meal preparation and more. We can also accompany you to your follow-up visits so that the important medical information is communicated accurately to your family members. As a home health care services provider, we are fully HIPPA compliant so your privacy is protected.

Visitors to the United States:
If you are visiting Rochester for medical services and require in-hotel care, we can provide those services to you upon request. We will happily work with your embassy or Consulate to authorize the services we provide.

Paying For Your Services

Please contact our billing department to ensure our services are covered by your health care insurance. Our billing specialists are very knowledgeable when it comes to your financial needs. Whether you would like to use a private pay Insurance or bill your third party insurance, we are here to help you!

Examples of some Insurances companies Global Home Health Inc. has billed:

  • Blue Cross/ Blue Shield
  • U Care
  • Medicaid
  • County Waivers
  • Veterans Association
  • Long-Term Insurance
  • Private Pay

Visitors to the United States:
We will happily work with your embassy or Consulate to authorize the services we provide. Please call our Billing specialists for arrangements at (507) 282-6466 for our Rochester office or (507) 452-1696 for Winona area services.