Unique Services

-Travel Companion:
 This service includes full-service door to door assisted travel; supervised by a Skilled Nurse.  The Nurse or PCA will accompany you when you travel via air, land or sea.

-Excursion Assistant:  
 This service includes assistance during family fun events, client get away day trips or assistance during doctor visits etc.  Rest assured that your loved ones will receive the same great service and quality of care that Global Home Health Care, Inc., provides our clients inside the home.  The use of a PCA or Skilled Nurse is dependant upon the level of medical attention needed during the client’s visit outside the house.

-Personal Concierge:  
With a personalized concierge plan for recovery we will be there to provide assistance with errand running, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, meal preparation and more.  We can also accompany you to your follow-up visits so that important medical information is communicated accurately to your family members.  As a home health care services provider we are fully HIPPA compliant so your privacy is protected.

-Visitors to the United States:
If you are visiting Rochester for medical services and require in-hotel care, we can provide those services to you upon request. We will happily work with your embassy or Consulate to authorize the services we provide. 


Please call our Rochester office at: (507) 282-6466 or our Winona office at: (507) 452-1696, to discuss your unique-service questions or requests.