Personal Care Assistants

A Personal Care Assistant works as part of a team to help ill, weak or elderly clients with their personal needs. His or her main responsibility is to provide clients with compassionate, considerate assistance with hygiene, exercise, medication and communication. Personal Care Assistants in our office are supervised by a registered nurse (RN).

A Personal Care Assistant’s daily work revolves around helping patients take care of themselves. Long-term patients are often elderly people who are losing control of their motor functions. Younger people may need help from a Personal Care Assistant as well.  Anyone who may be recovering from major surgery, debilitating illness, or possesses mental or physical disabilities can benefit from the help a Personal Care Assistant gives.  

Personal Care Assistants may help nursing staff lift and turn people in bed to prevent bedsores. They make sure that clients’ bed linens and clothes are kept clean by removing dirty bedding and clothing and either laundering them or replacing them with fresh items. Bathing and dressing are usually part of the job duties of a Personal Care Assistant as well. 

Helping clients get exercise by walking with them, as well as, assisting with stretching exercises may be included in the Personal Care Assistant's daily job duties. Another job duty my include Physical therapy-type help. This type of help is particularly valuable for people who are bedridden or bound to wheelchairs.  These clients are often at risk of losing muscle mass and density through non-use. 

There are many more job duties a Personal Care Assistant can help you with.  Please call the office at: (507) 282-6466 in Rochester or the Winona office at: (507)452-1696; to talk with the Personal Care Assistant supervisor to get more details.

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