Care Questions

Can my PCA’s responsibilities extend outside of the house?
Yes. Global PCAs are dedicated to give you the support you need, whether that’s in or outside of your home.  Our PCAs will assist with anything ranging from transportation to running errands and the like.

Does GHHC, Inc. reimburse clients or employees for gas mileage?
No, caregivers and clients are responsible for their own car expenses.

What is Global’s protocol in case there is an emergency?
For each client, our Nurse Administrator creates a comprehensive, individual-specific, plan of care document for the assigned skilled Nurses and PCAs.  This is to ensure that the highest standard of service is maintained.  In addition, all of Global Home Health Care Inc., skilled Nurses and PCAs are trained in emergency preparedness to deftly deal with any complications that may arise.  The number of the office after hour’s phone is:  507-358-7994 (Rochester) or 507-202-0385 (Winona).

What steps do I take if my PCA or skilled Nurse is a no call, no show?
Please call the office (507-282-6466 for Rochester or 507-452-1696 for Winona) or the emergency number for office hours after 5pm M-F and weekends.  Global Home Health Care Inc.,  will contact the PCA or Nurse.  If the assigned person is not available another qualified employee will come to complete your services.

Can I decide who my PCA is?
Yes. In most cases our office staff will assign the PCA that best fits with you and your needs, but if you do not find it agreeable, we will most certainly accommodate your requests.

How do I know if PCA services are appropriate for me?
Please contact your private insurance company or the county you live in to make an appointment to assess your needs.  They may then contact your primary physician to discuss if PCA services would be beneficial for you.  If PCA services are determined appropriate, you can suggest a referral to our agency for an initial assessment.

What or who determines the amount of services I would receive?
Time and type of service is determined with the consideration of your needs by your primary medical physician and your insurance coverage.  More importantly, at Global Home Health Care, Inc., PCA and Skilled Nursing services are client driven, which means that Global Home Health Care Inc., only charges for the precise time our PCAs or Nurses are giving you 1-on-1 support.

Who should I contact to find out if services have been approved and how many hours?
You should contact your county coordinator or primary care Physician.  Once services have been authorized you can then get in touch with our billing manager to find available hours that work for you and our staff.

Why is a RN monthly visit necessary for me if I only have PCA services?
It is a state requirement to ensure the PCAs are providing the cares essential to keep you in the home safely.

Does Global Home Health Care Inc., have licensed nurses such as RNs to help with medical tasks at home?
Yes! Global has experienced RNs and LPNs on staff to not only administer assessments, but to train our PCA team to complete standard and specific tasks for you.  However, PCA cannot provide explicit medical care such as injections or administer an emergency medical response; this is why our Nurses are so very important to us and you as our client.

How can Global Home Health Care Inc., assure me of my safety and security when a skilled Nurse or PCA come into my home?
Before Global Home Health Care Inc., hires a skilled Nurse or PCA, we go through an extensive vetting process to ensure that a potential new hire aligns with our values and appreciation for cultural diversity.  Furthermore, all skilled Nurses and PCAs are required to comply with a background check; so you can be assured that anyone Global Home Health Care, Inc., employs is of sound judgment and moral character.