Before Care starts

Does the Global Home Health Care Inc., have a current operating license in Minnesota?
Yes! Global Home Health Care Inc., is registered and enrolled in the Minnesota Health Care Program Providers (MHCP) and currently holds a Class A license.
How is a plan of care constructed?
Global Home Health Care Inc., will work with everyone involved in your team of health care providers.  We go above and beyond to ensure you and your loved ones have an adequate plan of care to meet all your home health care needs.  Significant team members may include but are not limited to: Primary Care Doctor, County Health Nurse or Social worker. More importantly we make great strides to meet the needs of YOU, the client first.
Are there any home visits or assessments that take place prior to home health care services beginning?
Yes.  Upon receiving home health care services, one of Skilled Registered Nurses will visit your home to conduct an assessment of your needs and to inform you of what your plan of care will include.  Rest assured that you will be fully informed of what services Global Home Health Care Inc., will provide for you.

How long must I wait once I've placed my request for care before a caregiver actually begins?
Global Home Health Care Inc., strives to make our response immediate, however, based on the type and amount of services you require; it may entail more than a day.  Every client is unique in their needs.  We understand this actuality so we have caring office staff to help you at every step to make your transition to home care smooth and efficient.

Do I need to sign a contract with your agency?
Yes.  We require a signed contract only to ensure that your plan of care is very clear to you; this way together we can confirm that we both understand clearly what is expected from each of us.  

Does Global Home Health Care Inc., provide training for the person that will be providing service to me in my home?
Yes.  Our license and the Departments of Health and Human Services require our PCAs to have 10-12 hours of yearly continuing education.  Because we want to have high standards for our employees, we at Global Home Health Care Inc., require 12 hours (renewed yearly) of continued education for anybody working with our clients.  In addition, all licensed Skilled Nurses are required to complete yearly continuing education to keep their license current.