We Will Guide You All Through The Care-Way


Does the Global Home Health Care Inc., have a current operating license in Minnesota?
Yes! Global Home Health Care Inc., is registered and enrolled in the Minnesota Health Care Program Providers (MHCP) and currently holds a Class A license.

How is a plan of care constructed?
Global Home Health Care Inc., will work with everyone involved in your team of healthcare providers.  We go above and beyond to ensure you and your loved ones have an adequate plan of care to meet all your home health care needs.  Significant team members may include but are not limited to; Primary Care Doctor, County Health Nurse or Social worker. More importantly, we make great strides to meet the needs of YOU, the client first.

Are there any home visits or assessments that take place prior to home health care services beginning?
Yes.  Prior to receiving the services, one of the Skilled Registered Nurses will visit your home to conduct an assessment of your needs and to inform you of what your plan of care will include.  Rest assured that you will be fully informed of what services Global Home Health Care Inc., will provide for you.

How long must I wait once I’ve placed my request for care before a caregiver actually begins?
Global Home Health Care Inc., strives to make our response immediate, however, based on the type and amount of services you require; it may entail more than a day.  Every client is unique in their needs.  We understand this actuality so we have caring office staff to help you at every step to make your transition to home care smooth and efficient.

Do I need to sign a contract with your agency?
Yes.  We require a signed contract only to ensure that your plan of care is very clear to you; this way together we can confirm that we both understand clearly what is expected from each of us.
However, you are not locked into anything and you can cancel services at any time.

Does Global Home Health Care Inc., provide training for the person that will be providing service to me in my home?
Yes.  Our license and the Departments of Health and Human Services require our PCAs to have 10-12 hours of yearly continuing education.  Because we want to have high standards for our employees, we at Global Home Health Care Inc., require 12 hours (renewed yearly) of continued education for anybody working with our clients.  In addition, all licensed Skilled Nurses are required to complete yearly continuing education to keep their license current.


Can my PCA’s responsibilities extend outside of the house?
Yes. Global PCAs are dedicated to giving you the support you need, whether that’s in or outside of your home.  Our PCAs will assist with anything ranging from transportation to running errands and the like.

Does GHHC, Inc. reimburse clients or employees for gas mileage?
No, caregivers and clients are responsible for their own car expenses.

What is Global’s protocol in case there is an emergency?
For each client, our Nurse Administrator creates a comprehensive, individual-specific, plan of care document for the assigned skilled Nurses and PCAs.  This is to ensure that the highest standard of service is maintained.  In addition, all of Global Home Health Care Inc., skilled Nurses and PCAs are trained in emergency preparedness to deftly deal with any complications that may arise.  The number of the office after hour’s phone is;  507-358-7994 (Rochester) or 507-202-0385 (Winona).

What steps do I take if my PCA or skilled Nurse is a no call, no show?
Please call the office (507-282-6466 for Rochester or 507-452-1696 for Winona) or the emergency number for office hours after 5 pm M-F and weekends.  Global Home Health Care Inc.,  will contact the PCA or Nurse.  If the assigned person is not available another qualified employee will come to complete your services.

Can I decide who my PCA is?
Yes. In most cases, our office staff will assign the PCA that best fits with you and your needs, but if you do not find it agreeable, we will most certainly accommodate your requests. You are welcome to bring your own staff to work with you through our agency.

How do I know if PCA services are appropriate for me?
Please contact your private insurance company or the county you live in to make an appointment to assess your needs.  They may then contact your primary physician to discuss if PCA services would be beneficial for you.  If PCA services are determined appropriate, you can suggest a referral to our agency for an initial assessment.

What or who determines the number of services I would receive?
Time and type of service are determined with the consideration of your needs by your primary medical physician and your insurance coverage.  More importantly, at Global Home Health Care, Inc., PCA and Skilled Nursing services are client driven, which means that Global Home Health Care Inc., only charges for the precise time our PCAs or Nurses are giving you 1-on-1 support.

Who should I contact to find out if services have been approved and how many hours?
You should contact your county coordinator or primary care Physician.  Once services have been authorized you can then get in touch with our billing manager to find available hours that work for you and our staff.

Why is an RN monthly visit necessary for me if I only have PCA services?
It is a state requirement to ensure the PCAs are providing the cares essential to keep you in the home safely.

Does Global Home Health Care Inc., has licensed nurses such as RNs to help with medical tasks at home?
Yes! Global has experienced RNs and LPNs on staff to not only administer assessments but to train our PCA team to complete standard and specific tasks for you.  However, PCA cannot provide explicit medical care such as injections or administer an emergency medical response; this is why our Nurses are so very important to us and you as our client.

How can Global Home Health Care Inc., assure me of my safety and security when a skilled Nurse or PCA come into my home?
Before Global Home Health Care Inc., hires a skilled Nurse or PCA, we go through an extensive vetting process to ensure that a potential new hire aligns with our values and appreciation for cultural diversity.  Furthermore, all skilled Nurses and PCAs are required to comply with a background check; so you can be assured that anyone Global Home Health Care, Inc., employs is of sound judgment and moral character.


Can I have someone from Global Home Health Care Inc., travel with me?
Yes! We provide Personal Care Assistants and Skilled Nursing (dependant on the level of care required) to give you the confidence that you require while you travel.  You only need to call our office to set up the travel arrangements.

Will an employee of Global Home Health Care Inc., go with me on a shopping trip?
Yes. Rest assured that we want to help you live a full and happy life.  Whether you need a personal care assistant, skilled nurse or just a companion for a day excursion or a week-long trip, all you need to do is call the office to make arrangements to do this.

Can I have someone from Global Home Health Care Inc., do my grocery shopping, pick up dry cleaning, help me plan an event etc?
Yes.  We understand that sometimes, because of your level of health, or lack of time, you may not be able to accomplish the daily errands etc., which help you maintain your independence.  We are at your service to help you accomplish these tasks.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with your requests.

Will Global Home Health Care Inc., come to my hotel to provide services?
Yes! We will come to your hotel to provide you with the same great services that we provide the residents of the Rochester and Winona region.

Can I have someone accompany me to my doctor appointments as well as schedule my future appointments?
Yes!  Whether coming to Rochester or Winona for the first time or if you just need help navigating through the corridors or endless doctor visits, let us help.  We are very familiar with the vast Rochester Mayo Clinic campus and will assist you in any way we can!

Can I have a skilled nurse or a PCA accompany me and my family on a day trip?
Yes!  We understand that sometimes you just want to get away with your family for the day but family members are unsure if they are able to assist you with your medical needs.  We are here for you; let us help you and your family so you may have some fun or much needed time away!

 If I am away from my home for a period of time, can I have Global Home Health Care Inc., check on my house, gather my mail and inform me of any important details?
Yes!  If you live in the Rochester or Winona area and have to be hospitalized or away from your residence for a short period of time you may worry about your house while away.  Let us help you recover, or travel with one less thing to worry about!  Simply call one of our offices (Rochester: 507-282-6466 or Winona: 507-452-1696) to set up the services you may require while away.

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